How to Win Cash? Enter Online Contests!

If you have been hemming and hawing about these online competitions that you keep hearing about, now is the time to act! Did you know that the best online competitions are going to show you how to win cash?

That’s right – not only do online competitions give you a great way to fill time, they also give you the chance to see how to win stuff including how to win cash prizes. And when you have the chance to see how to win prize like cold, hard cash, you would be a fool not to at least give it a try!

Online Contests

Are you still uncertain about the benefits of entering online competitions? Rest assured, first off, that the process of entering an online competition is incredibly easy. All you have to do to be entered for the chance to win cash prizes is to search online for what competitions are out there.

You can win all sorts of things from online contests – from dinners out to free holidays abroad and more – but if you know what you are looking for, it is much easier to narrow down the contests available to just those issuing the sorts of prizes you have your eyes on.

So, you find your chosen contests offering cash – or shoes or make-up or whatever suits your fancy – and you enter your required information to become a contestant. The real trick after this step? You need to continue entering your information day after day.

As often as the contest allows you to re-enter information, you need to do your best to re-enter on that schedule. Enter every day if you are allowed. After all, only by submitting as many entries are you can do you increase your chances of becoming a winner!

Online Competition Prizes

So, you have entered your information into the online submission forms for all of the cash-prize competitions you can find. But then you feel like there must be more you could be doing to secure yourself a little extra cash without needing to take on a second job writing blogs.

Enter other online competitions – even those that are not giving away cash itself. After all, if you win, say, a free iPhone, and you do not want that phone, you can sell it. You can earn cash from the prizes you win, and there are no penalties!

After all, you won the prize fair and square. What you choose to do with it is your business. And so you see, online competitions lead to free cash here, there and everywhere! Start entering today!

How You Can Win Free Competitions

There is no better feeling in the world than winning cash or prizes for entering simple competitions or drawings.

Sometimes, chances to win require nothing more than an email address, postcode, or home address. These free competitions are available all over the web.

Here are a few ways to win cash and prizes.

Freebie Sites- Freebies and product testing sites have loads of ways to win cash and prizes in the UK. They often list links to win cool stuff like £15,000 in cash, free laser eye surgery, holidays to places such as New York, and often list the best places to play online games, like bingo, where you can earn free cash!

Free Lotteries- Prize money can come from revue generated from advertisements on each website. There is no cost, catch, or tricks–just free chances to earn money!

The Free Postcode Lottery has given away £38,349.91 in prize money to date and was chosen as a 2014 website of the year. By looking at the homepage of the site, you are able to see in plain sight the most recent cash amount won.

In 2015, the highest cash prize was £700.59! This webpage requires a post code and email address to join–that’s it!

Comping- Entering free competitions (comping) can nearly guarantee some kind of a win–if you diligently enter everyday. Just ask Holly Smith, a full-time mum from Norfolk, who has won over £50,000 worth of prizes in the last five years.

Some of her biggest wins include televisions for all six of the rooms in her home, a new shower, a cruise to Gran Canaria, VIP theatre trips, £300 spending money on a family trip to Alton Towers, concert tickets to see AC/DC in Germany and even a new purebred pomeranian puppy. Smith enters around 600 competitions per day–which has certainly paid off.

Forums- No, you can’t win by posting on forums, however, you can find the latest and greatest competitions by searching through forums. Most forums are extremely active, so you do not have to waste any time clicking on dead links. Also, many forums have a “winner’s circle” where winners post the cash and prizes they have won.

For example, a forum on Money Saving Expert has a winner’s circle forum. A 50 Itunes Voucher, £5 code for Parcel Genie, A Backstreet Boys t-shirt , cd, poster and badge, £2,500 cash prize from a Doritos competition, Ipad cases, a Sony phone, a trip to the BAFTAS and a BAFTA goody bag worth £500, and so many more!

It’s loads of fun to be able to enter comps, lotteries, and to play games for free to earn prizes!

Online Competition Sites

Taking the time to do an online competition can be a lot of fun, there are prizes that you will be able to win in almost no time and you are going to be excited when you actually win something that you never thought possible.

I certaily was not expecting to win a digital piano last year. There are a lot of different places where you will be able to find some information about winning the best online competitions, but you need to go around and make sure that you are finding the best ones.


Take some time to look around at the various websites that are online which will allow you to see what is available. Many companies are known to promote these competitions and a simple online google search is going to bring up hundreds of websites that you will be able to use.

Make sure to take the time to look through the websites and find the one that is actually going to be good for you. There are a lot of scams that are out there and it would not be a good thing if you lost your money or information because you went on a website that was not that great.

Social Media

Social media sites are a great place to look for an online competition. These are where you can find the most up to date information on some of the competitions and many companies will tell their followers about their competitions through these means.

Go through Facebook or some of the competitions that are on other social media sites to see which ones are going to be best for your needs. You will also need to read through all of the rules that are listed so that you know exactly what is needed and how to best win at the competition.

Company Site

At times, you might find that a company will put the competition on their website. This is good advertising for them because it draws you into their site and lets you have a chance to see their product before having to go to the competition.

You should find some of your favorite brands and other companies and look on their websites. This might be a chance to find some competitions that others might have missed out on.

Fill out all of the information and make sure that you are following the rules and instructions in order to increase your chances of winning.